Wound Healing

Wound Healing

QBiotics’ wound healing drug candidate, EBC-1013, is a topically applied semi-synthetic small molecule for treatment of a wide range of chronic and acute wounds and burns. EBC-1013 is soon to enter a clinical Phase I safety trial in patients with venous leg ulcers.

Treatment with EBC-1013 usually consists of one to three gel applications and results in complete wound healing with minimal to no scarring. EBC-1013 has a multifactorial mode of action which includes biofilm disruption, antibacterial peptide production, neutrophil activation, fibroblast differentiation and function modulation, and keratinocyte production and migration.

Preclinical studies of treatment with EBC-1013 have shown accelerated closure of infected wounds compared to control treatments. In addition, clear histopathological differences have been shown in:

Rapid recruitment of immune cells to the treatment site

Changes in the composition of the extracellular matrix

Rapid maturation of the dermal layer

Effective adhesion of the re-epithelialised epidermis to the basement membrane


Targeting virulence:
discovery of antibiotics

QBiotics’ antibiotic programme is at the forefront of discovering novel small molecules to combat the escalating problem of multi-drug resistant bacteria. This programme leverages our extensive research into the antimicrobial properties of EBC-1013, our promising candidate for wound healing.

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