Targeting virulence: discovery of antibiotics


Targeting virulence: discovery of antibiotics.

QBiotics’ antibiotic programme is at the forefront of discovering novel small molecules to combat the escalating problem of multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Unlike traditional antibiotics that target bacterial growth and survival, leading to evolutional pressure and the development of drug resistance, we take an alternative approach. We focus on ‘virulence’ factors - elements produced by bacteria causing disease and pathogenicity such as host-cell colonisation, tissue damage, and toxin production.

Our antibiotic discovery programme focuses on disrupting these virulence factors, essentially disarming pathogenic bacteria. Targeting bacterial virulence, rather than growth and survival, is much less likely to produce the evolutionary pressures that lead to development of drug resistance. This innovative approach is set to uncover molecules with unique modes of action.

STELFONTA® (tigilanol tiglate)

Tigilanol tiglate, branded as STELFONTA®*, is approved and marketed as a veterinary pharmaceutical for treatment of non-metastatic, canine mast cell tumours1,2  in the United States of America, European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Australia.

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