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We specialise in the discovery and development of novel cell signalling small molecules.

We apply phenotypic screening to generate breakthrough innovation in the discovery of first-in-class solutions to challenging medical conditions.

Vision & Mission 

Our Portfolio

Novel anticancer and wound healing pharmaceuticals – discovery, development and commercialisation

Our oncology drug candidate, tigilanol tiglate, is currently in clinical Phase II development for the treatment of soft tissue sarcomas (STS) and head and neck cancers. Tigilanol tiglate has been awarded FDA Orphan Drug Designation for the treatment of STS.

Our wound healing drug candidate, EBC-1013, is soon to commence a clinical Phase I safety trial in patients with venous leg ulcers.

Our Pipeline


Tigilanol tiglate is an intratumoural oncolytic small molecule with potential to treat a wide range of solid tumours.

Wound Healing

EBC-1013 is our small molecule being developed for a wide range of chronic and acute wounds and burns.


Our antibiotic discovery programme targets bacterial virulence.


The world class science behind our products

We drive scientific discovery and development through three key pillars, each contributing to our promising pipeline:

  • EcologicTM: Our proprietary drug discovery platform provides us with greater access to the abundant source of molecular scaffolds found within Australia’s tropical rainforest
  • Phenotypic Drug Screening Process: Our application of Phenotypic screening enables us to efficiently identify and evaluate potential therapies based on their real-world effects, delivering greater in vivo potential
  • Leveraging Veterinary Data for Human Development Programmes: Our veterinary research and real-world veterinary disease models provide data that informs our human development programmes.


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