Who we are and what we do

  • A public unlisted Australian life sciences company
  • We discover, develop and commercialise novel anticancer and wound healing pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary markets.
  • Our lead drug, tigilanol tiglate, is a small molecule anticancer pharmaceutical targeting a range of solid tumours across multiple species.
  • The simultaneous development of products for both the vet and human markets enables validation of technology and reduces risks for human development, while generating early revenues.

Our Board of Directors

Bw RickhollidaysmithRick Holliday-Smith
Non-executive Chairman
Bw VicDr Victoria Gordon​
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Bw DrpaulreddellDr Paul Reddell
Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer
Bw NicholasmooreMr Nicholas Moore
Non-Executive Director
Bw SusanfodenDr Susan Foden
Non-Executive Director
Bw AndrewdenverMr Andrew Denver
Non-executive Director
Bw BrucerobinsonProfessor Bruce Robinson AC
Non-executive Director
Bw SteveogbourneAssociate Professor Steven Ogbourne
Non-Executive Director
Bw NevillemitchellMr Neville Mitchell
Non-Executive Director
Bw HamishcorlettMr Hamish Corlett
Non-Executive Director