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Novel anticancer and wound healing pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary markets - discovery, development and commercialisation.

The simultaneous development of products for both veterinary and human application enables early validation of technology, reducing risks for human development, while generating early revenues through quicker to market veterinary products.

Our lead drug, tigilanol tiglate, is a small molecule anticancer pharmaceutical targeting a range of solid tumours across multiple species.

Our Company

We discover and develop plant-derived cell signalling molecules to address challenging medical conditions in humans and companion animals

QBiotics has a 20 year track record in applying a scientifically-based, data-driven approach to the discovery of novel, plant-derived small molecule scaffolds for applications in human and animal health using our proprietary discovery platform EcoLogic™.

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We develop strategic partnerships and collaborations with companies and organisations to unlock the full potential value of our products and research pipeline.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities for partnerships or collaborations with QBiotics, please contact partners@qbiotics.com.

Lead molecule in the clinic and a pipeline for the future

QBiotics has identified significant unmet medical needs and market opportunities in a range of therapeutic areas.

Tigilanol tiglate: Oncology
EBC-1013: Our wound healing lead
Targeting virulence: discovery of next generation antibiotics
EcoLogic™. Applying ecology in the search for new drug leads from nature