Innovation in biodiscovery of small molecules

Our Company

QBiotics is an Australian public unlisted life sciences company, on a path to achieving our vision of becoming a global leader in biodiscovery.

We specialise in the discovery and development of novel cell signalling small molecules to treat complex medical conditions. Our current therapeutic focus is on oncology and wound healing.

Our inspiration stems from the intricate chemistry of nature. By applying phenotypic drug screening to discover novel molecules through our Ecologic™ discovery platform, we are unearthing novel treatments for patients that have limited treatment options.

Our Mission

To elevate the quality of life of patients worldwide.

By unlocking the transformative potential of cell signalling small molecules we aim to redefine healthcare; safely and effectively treating challenging conditions.

Our culture and values

Our unique culture is underpinned by 3 core values:

Curiosity: We apply a lens of curiosity to every aspect of our work, whether we’re observing animal-plant interactions within the rainforest, caring for patients within a clinic, collaborating in the laboratory or simply our daily interactions with each other.  It’s through this lens of curiosity that our most groundbreaking insights are born.

Collaboration: As a nimble team of specialists, we seamlessly collaborate with one another and with thought leaders across the globe. We recognise and appreciate each other’s roles in achieving our mission, fostering a culture of mutual support and growth.

Care: Our genuine care extends beyond our immediate team. We care deeply about our patients, environment, partners, and our local communities. We are unwavering in our commitment  to improving the standard of care for patients worldwide. 

We recognise it's through actively living these principles,, that we will achieve our mission. 

Research Partners

The world class science behind our products

Our research programmes are underpinned by enduring, strategic partnerships with eminent research institutions, universities, scientists and clinicians.

These collaborations grant us access to world class researchers and specialist facilities, enabling us to harness the power of multidisciplinary approaches, unlocking synergies, insights, and opportunities to tackle complex scientific and clinical challenges

QIMR Berghofer, Brisbane

A world-leading medical research institute that focuses on basic and applied research on cancer, infectious diseases, mental health and chronic disorders.

Cardiff University, Schools of Medicine and Dentistry

Internationally recognised for its expertise in basic, translational and clinical research, including wound healing, tissue repair and regeneration.

Università del Piedmonte Orientale, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

One of Italy’s top-ranked universities for its research in medical sciences, pharmacology and chemistry.

University of Edinburgh

One of the top universities globally, combining excellence in teaching and research.  

Our Story


Biodiscovery company

  • EcoLogic discovery platform technology
  • Discovery partnerships


Pharmaceutical development company

  • Oncology focus
  • Human and veterinary


EcoBiotics and QBiotics merged to form the QBiotics Group

  • Oncology
  • Wound healing


  • Oncology
    • Human Phase II clinical trials
    • Veterinary  marketed product (STELFONTA®)
  • Wound Healing
    • Human Phase I clinical trials
    • Veterinary clinical trials
  • Antibiotics - preclinical

Corporate Social Responsibility

Strong ethics underpin everything we do

QBiotics is committed to preserving our natural environment, the rainforest, from which we learn so much. We support our local communities, invest in tomorrow's leaders, and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in animal welfare.

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