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Significant scientific rigour underpins the development of all QBiotics pharmaceuticals. The dissemination of this research through publication in peer-reviewed journals is a priority for the company. The timing of the release of this information into the public domain is critical to both protect the intellectual property of QBiotics, as well as to optimise opportunities for market launch of registered products.  Intellectual property protection via patenting has been successfully implemented with granting in all major regions achieved. Patents for our wound healing pharmaceutical are currently under examination. As such, publication of our data is now underway.

Our publication plan for tigilanol tiglate addresses all the key scientific investigations completed in the drug's development including its:

  • Mode of action
  • Chemical characterisation
  • Clinical efficacy and safety (in human and companion animals)
  • Research associated with domestication of the source plant.

Ongoing publication of research and development will build upon the existing published data creating intellectual assets to support the imminent veterinary market launches, as well as to support its clinical development in humans. This approach will be implemented for all other pharmaceuticals in the QBiotics product pipeline.


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