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Investing in QBiotics Group


QBiotics is not a typical life sciences company, and we intend to stay that way. We are innovative and lateral thinkers. As such, we offer investors a highly-differentiated opportunity with a lower-risk profile than the usual life sciences or biotechnology organisations.


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QBiotics discovers new small molecules from Australia’s biodiverse tropical rainforests. Our proven EcoLogic™ discovery technology enables QBiotics to confidently and efficiently identify new chemical entities that have long-term commercial potential in a wide range of therapeutic areas. By applying our EcoLogic™ technology, QBiotics achieves significantly higher discovery success rates than any current or previous natural exploration program employed by our competitors. The resulting large pool of bioactive compounds supports rigorous selection criteria, thus only candidates with high potential for success are advanced into development. Simultaneous early stage development of pharmaceuticals for both the human and veterinary markets further differentiates QBiotics as a life sciences company. We obtain very early stage proof of concept of our pharmaceuticals by challenging them in 'real world' disease models in the veterinary clinic. This supports swift progression from laboratory animal models that provide limited information about drug efficacy and safety to complex disease models in animal patients that are potentially more predictive of the human response.

QBiotics also bring world-class commercial and scientific rigor to our pharmaceutical development and to our drug manufacturing processes. Strategic alliances with preclinical, clinical and pharmaceutical partners help further de-risk the typical life sciences investment profile by giving us cost-effective access to multiple development channels as well as providing robust R&D pipeline validation. 


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Why should you invest in QBiotics?

QBiotics offers investors a diversified platform for future revenue growth. We have multiple pharmaceutical products currently grouped into two primary clusters - oncology and wound healing. QBiotics de-risks investor returns by gaining early clinical proof-of-concept of our products in the veterinary environment prior to implementing human programs. This is because our highly successful proprietary EcoLogic™ technology reduces discovery time and complexity. The swifter to clinical development and through to revenue, veterinary products underpin the shape and finance of our higher value human clinical developments. Investment in QBiotics means buying a focused effort in comparative health with risk spread across linked, but distinct, indications.

Buying & Selling Shares

Steps for Buying or Selling Shares in QBiotics Group Limited

QBiotics Group Limited (“the Company” or "QBiotics Group") is an Australian public unlisted company (not listed on any stock exchange) and, therefore, there is no recognised secondary market for trading the Company's shares. You should view an investment in QBiotics Group as a long-term investment with limited liquidity.

However, in some cases shareholders may be able to sell shares. A shareholder may notify the Company that they would like to sell shares and be placed on a register of potential sellers. Similarly, an investor may notify the Company that they wish to buy shares and be placed on a register of potential buyers.

QBiotics Group maintains a register of potential buyers and sellers of shares. Buyers and sellers may then contact each other and negotiate a transfer. QBiotics Group does not guarantee to shareholders that there will be a buyer for their shares at any time, or for the price desired or required.

Potential buyers and sellers wanting to buy or sell shares can follow the steps set out below to buy or sell shares: 

  1. The BUYER/SELLER complete the form 'Registration of interest to buy or sell shares in QBiotics Group Limited' ("Registration Form") and forward the signed form to the Company as directed on the Registration Form.
  2. When the Company receives a completed Registration Form from a BUYER, the Company will forward (by email) the BUYER the current list of registered SELLERS.
  3. When the Company receives a completed Registration Form from a SELLER, the Company will forward (by email) the SELLER the current list of registered BUYERS.
  4. Registered BUYERS and SELLERS may request updated BUYER/SELLER lists from time to time and may also request that they be removed from the relevant lists on which they have previously registered.  To request an updated BUYER/SELLER list or be removed from the relevant list please email the Company on the email address listed below.
  5. The BUYER and SELLER ("the Parties") must liaise directly in relation to the price and number of shares to be transferred. The Company will have no involvement in determining the terms of the sale or purchase between the BUYER and the SELLER. 
  6. If the Parties are able to agree upon the number of shares to be transferred and the price for such transfer, the BUYER and SELLER must complete the Link Market Services ("Link") Standard Transfer Form ("the Transfer Form").
  7. Once the BUYER has transferred the funds to the SELLER as mutually agreed, and once the funds have cleared, the completed original signed Transfer Form must be sent to the share registry for processing at the following address:
                    Link Market Services Limited
                    Locked Bag A14
                    SYDNEY SOUTH NSW 1235
  8. Once a Transfer Form has been processed by Link, BUYERS who are existing shareholders will receive an updated Holding Statement reflecting the share purchase at the end of the calendar month. If the BUYER is a new shareholder, the BUYER will receive a Holding Statement and new shareholder information from Link within approximately 7 business days.
  9. Once the share transfer has been completed, the BUYER and SELLER should notify the Company to be removed from the relevant list. 
  10. Link will provide the Company with details of the share transfer once the Transfer Form has been processed by Link.

Should you require further assistance, or once registered if you would like an updated BUYER/SELLER list or be removed from the relevant list, please contact Ken Pointon by email at


PDFDownload printable version of the above steps

PDFDownload Registration Form

PDFDownload Standard Transfer Form


Share Price

The Company is unable by law to provide any advice, guidance or make any representation to a party regarding a buy or sell price. 
However for your assistance, below is a summary of completed share transfers negotiated between buyers and sellers.

Please note the below include whole of company completed transactions. To clarify, numerous transactions are negotiated outside of the facility offered by the Company and we are unaware of these until notified by Link Market Services that such transaction has been processed. We are therefore not privy to the circumstances of the seller resulting in a particular sale at a particular price.

200729 QGL Share transfers processed

Shareholder Records

Link Market Services manages the Share Register of QBiotics Limited. They maintain the records and details of all shareholders. They are also responsible for updating shareholder records.

To view the details of your shareholding balance or update your personal details or communication preferences on the share register:

  1. Navigate to the following website:
  2. Proceed to 'Investor Login'
  3. Using 'Single Holding' login section, enter "QGLU - QBIOTICS GROUP LIMITED" in the 'Issuer Name' field
  4. Enter your Security Reference Number (SRN) (note each holding will have a unique SRN, if you have multiple holdings, you may have a different SRN for each holding)*
  5. Enter your Postcode and Security Code on screen
  6. Tick 'I have read and agree to the terms & conditions'
  7. Click 'Login'.

*Your SRN is very important and will be needed to check any details of your holding online or by phone. This number is located on the up right corner of your holding statement.

If you require assistance with updating and maintaining your shareholder records or would like to request a holding statement (which will be mailed to you and contain your shareholding and confidential SRN) you can contact the Company's share registry directly at:

Link Market Services Limited
Locked Bag A14
Sydney South, NSW, 1235

Telephone: 1300 554 474 or +61 1300 554 474 (if outside Australia)