Dr Paul Reddell

Dr Paul Reddell

Executive Director & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Paul Reddell holds a PhD in Forest Ecology, a Bachelor of Science, has undertaken extensive business management and pharmaceutical development training, and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dr Reddell brings to QBiotics expert scientific knowledge combined with extensive practical experience in leadership, resourcing and management of multi-institutional research and development projects.

Dr Reddell is co-founder of EcoBiotics and QBiotics.

Dr Reddell is an internationally recognised expert in tropical rainforest ecology, specialising in the Queensland, Papua New Guinea and Melanesia region.

Prior to founding EcoBiotics, Dr Reddell was Principal Ecologist for an environmental consulting business in the Rio Tinto group of companies and was a Principal Research Scientist and Program Leader at CSIRO's Tropical Forest Research Centre.