Business Structure

Our Business Overview

QBiotics Limited was established in 2004 to develop the oncology product EBC-46 discovered by QBiotics parent entity EcoBiotics Limited. EcoBiotics is a discovery and early development company established in 2000 and is the major shareholder of QBiotics. The remaining shareholding is made up of private investors.

QBiotics is the sole owner of the unencumbered intellectual property relating to EBC-46.


QBiotics has established a sound business and product development strategy:

Financially Secure: QBiotics has sufficient funding to reach significant development milestones for both the human and veterinary products.

Strong Intellectual Property: QBiotics has patents pending for both composition of matter and use for EBC-46 as an oncology product. 

'Real-world' Efficacy of the Drug Convincingly Demonstrated: EBC-46 has been used by a small number of veterinarians to successfully treat spontaneous tumours in dogs, cats and horses. The drug is generally well tolerated with no significant negative side effects at efficacious doses.

Human Development: QBiotics plans to develop EBC-46 to Clinical Phase II as an intralesional treatment for solid tumours and then partner for further development and marketing.

Veterinary Development: QBiotics plans to develop and register EBC-46 as an intralesional treatment for solid tumours in companion animals.  Initially QBiotics will focus on Austraila and the USA for registration of the drug, with other regions to be considered at a later date.