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Scientific Presentations: Veterinary Cancer Society, Houston, USA

October 2019

The Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS) Conference is the largest scientific meeting for veterinary oncology professionals globally. This year over 670 veterinary oncologists and associated health professionals attended the conference in Houston, USA.

QBiotics' anticancer product tigilanol tiglate was the subject of two abstracts selected by the VCS scientific committee for presentation during the conference.

Professor Julia Matera, from the University of Sao Paulo presented Intra-tumoral injection of tigilanol tiglate in canine mast cell tumors: Time-assessed thermographic images, computed tomography and clinical response. The presentation concluded that thermography provides a powerful tool for visualizing treatment response to tigilanol tiglate. Complete Response (full tumour destruction) with tigilanol tiglate was achieved in 76% of dogs, with no residual disease present at the tumour margins as assessed by thermography.

Twelve-month disease-free interval data for tigilanol tiglate was presented by Dr Justine Campbell, Principal Veterinarian, QBiotics. The title of Dr Campbells presentation was: Durability of Clinical response to intratumoral tigilanol tiglate in canine MCT. Data from Australian and USA clinical studies were presented: 89% of tumour sites that had a Complete Response to tigilanol tiglate remained MCT free after 12 months in the USA pivotal study, with the Australian studies demonstrating a consistent 87%.

The two presentations support the increasing body of evidence underpinning the applications with USA, European and Australian regulators for tigilanol tiglate to obtain approval for canine MCTs.

Tigilanol tiglate is currently in late stage evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration-Centre of Veterinary Medicine (FDA-CVM), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and early stage evaluation by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for canine MCT indications. QBiotics plan to make tigilanol tiglate commercially available to veterinarians in the USA and EU in Q2, 2020 based on positive regulatory reviews.