An experienced team for growing a globally-focussed healthcare company

Board of Directors

Rick Holliday-Smith AMRick Holliday-Smith AM
Non-executive Chairman
Dr Victoria Gordon​Dr Victoria Gordon​
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Dr Paul ReddellDr Paul Reddell
Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer
Dr Steven OgbourneDr Steven Ogbourne
Executive Director and Chief Translational Research Officer
Mr Nicholas MooreMr Nicholas Moore
Non-executive Director
Dr Susan FodenDr Susan Foden
Non-executive Director
Mr Andrew DenverMr Andrew Denver
Non-executive Director
Professor Bruce Robinson ACProfessor Bruce Robinson AC
Non-executive Director
Mr Neville MitchellMr Neville Mitchell
Non-executive Director
Mr Hamish CorlettMr Hamish Corlett
Non-executive Director