QBiotics announces plan to increase capital raise to up to AU$85 million

1 April 2021

The Board of QBiotics Group Limited (QBiotics) announces its plan to increase the previously announced capital raise, of up to AU$75 million, by AU$10 million due to high demand from existing shareholders. Consequently, the total planned capital raise will now be for up to AU$85 million.

This current capital raise includes the previously announced AU$50 million investment by global investment firm TDM Growth Partners announced on 16 March 2021 (the TDM Placement). The Director's present intention is to offer the opportunity for existing shareholders, and potentially selected strategic professional investors, to invest up to AU$35 million at the same issue price as the TDM Placement, being AU$0.90 per Share.

Consistent with previous announcements, the funding from the capital raise will enable QBiotics to accelerate its human drug development pipeline in both oncology and wound healing, support marketing of the veterinary pharmaceutical, STELFONTA® and further strengthen the QBiotics team.