EBC-46 Discovery

EBC-46 was discovered by applying the unique discovery technology EcoLogic™ developed by QBiotics parent entity EcoBiotics Limited.

EcoLogic™ is a powerful tool which provides a rational basis for drug discovery from nature. Broadly, the technology integrates:

  • Specific knowledge of the plants, animals and microbes of tropical rainforest ecosystems and the chemistry that drives their ecological interactions; and,
  • Mechanistic understanding of defence chemistry and signal induction and transduction in rainforest plants.

This information is used to direct the discovery search to material with a high potential for bioactivity. Simply put, if you understand how the natural systems work you can find biological material with the specific bioactivity (e.g. anti-cancer) that you are looking for. Applying EcoLogic™ provides for a well documented, clearly defined and easily defensible pathway to the discovery of chemicals with pharmaceutical potential, such as EBC-46.