Rick Holliday-Smith

Rick Holliday-Smith

Non-Executive Chairman

Mr Holliday-Smith brings a wealth of invaluable corporate experience to the Chairman’s role. Among his current senior leadership roles, Mr Holliday-Smith is Chairman of the ASX Limited (ASX) and Chairman of Cochlear Limited. 

Mr Holliday-Smith’s extensive board career spans over 20 years and includes long term positions with MIA Group Limited, Exco Resources Limited, and advisory board role with Macquarie University Faculty of Business and Economics, and Chairman roles with SFE Corporation Limited and Snowy Hydro Limited.

Previously, Mr Holliday-Smith held several global leadership positions in the finance industry including CEO of Chicago Research and Trading, President for global trading and sales at Nations Bank-CRT and Managing Director of London based HongKong Bank Limited.

Mr Holliday-Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr Holliday-Smith was previously a director of QBiotics Pty Ltd (“QBiotics”) and was appointed as a director of QBiotics Group on 24 February 2017.