QBiotics is a public unlisted company established in 2004. QBiotics is in the business of research and development of pharmaceutical products that have the potential to address major health problems as well as having strong commercial promise. QBiotics has an innovative approach to market focus and product development. While the human pharmaceutical market is a primary target for QBiotics, we recognise the considerable potential in the significant and growing companion animal (dogs, cats and horses) markets. Thus, QBiotics develops products simultaneously for human and veterinary markets. This approach takes advantage of a double return on investment for early stage development as requirements at the early drug development stages are very similar for human and veterinary products.

QBiotics products are based on new chemical entities and thus are unique and novel with a high potential for market position following successful development and registration.

The Company’s main focus is on the development of the novel anticancer drug EBC-46 for the local treatment of solid tumours. However, QBiotics has recently broadened its product pipeline with the addition of WH1, a promising new product for treating chronic wounds.