Corporate Responsibility

Values & Culture

Values lie at the heart of sustained business success and responsible corporate citizenship. They are the basis of the trust that creates a corporate culture of ethical business conduct, sustained creativity, high productivity and superior business performance.

The values that we aspire to in all aspects of our business operations at QBiotics are:

  • Integrity where we strive to do the right thing and perform with the highest ethical standards;
  • Excellence and courage in the pursuit of innovation, in providing high-quality products and in delivering superior business results;
  • Respect for people and diversity of opinion based on openness, honesty and individual integrity;
  • Commitment to those we serve; and,
  • Care for our human and animal patients and for the natural environment.


Sound principles of corporate governance are critical to our success as a company and to obtain the trust and confidence of our shareholders, employees, customers, collaborators, suppliers and the broader community.

At QBiotics we have implemented a corporate governance framework that guides the day-to-day operations of our company in an efficient, transparent and ethical manner.

Key documents that underpin our corporate governance framework are:

  • Board statement on corporate governance
  • Employee code of conduct
  • Privacy policy
  • Environment and sustainability policy
  • Risk management framework

Natural Environment

At QBiotics we understand the importance of conservation and sustainable management of tropical rainforests. We appreciate the multiple values of these remarkable forests and have ensured that all collections leading to the discovery of EBC-46 were made in a sustainable, exemplary and environmentally-responsible manner.

The resource access program underpinning EBC-46 discovery is consistent with the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity and explicitly recognises ownership of the genetic resources collected through legally binding access and benefit sharing agreements.

EBC-46 was discovered through the discovery technology EcoLogic™. As the EcoLogic™ approach is highly specific, only very small quantities of samples are collected which has negligible impact on the forest environment.

Although discovered from nature, for commercial use the drug is being produced from material grown in plantations on the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland, creating a new industry for that region.

In the Community

QBiotics has a high profile in the local community. We appreciate the responsibilities this brings and we strive to maintain and enhance this reputation for excellence, innovation and principled business practice.

We actively encourage the involvement of our staff in community activities, particularly in providing science training and mentoring for high school and university students, and in contributing to initiatives to raise awareness and understanding of biotechnology, entrepreneurship, environmental issues, and the myriad of values of the tropical rainforests.