Academic interest in manufacture of tigilanol tiglate

13 October 2022

There has been a recent scientific article, and accompanying media release, from researchers at Stanford University describing a small laboratory-scale approach to semi-synthesis of tigilanol tiglate.

The research in Nature Chemistry ( outlines a method to produce tigilanol tiglate in 12-steps in which the starting material, the molecule phorbol, is first isolated from the oil present in the plant Croton tiglium.

QBiotics welcomes such interest from high profile academics in our molecule, tigilanol tiglate, and the recognition of its potential commercial applications.

However, we note that some assumptions made in the paper, and accompanying media release, about the comparative practicality of their process based on sustainability, manufacturing process steps and yields are outdated and do not reflect our highly efficient current methods for commercial production of tigilanol tiglate.

QBiotics also notes that our company has a strong intellectual property position around this class of molecule being the holder of a number of patent families covering tigilanol tiglate, related analogues and their use in multiple therapeutic indications.

Overall, although interesting, this academic work has no impact on our commercial position or plans with tigilanol tiglate.